Where’s Bernie?

I don’t usually care for memes, but the Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration ones are pretty funny. I even had … More

Good Energy

Something was different about today. Maybe it was the nice weather. Maybe it was getting my boots resoled. Maybe seeing … More

Owls and Bluebonnets

The day started with unexpected good news. Also, it was sunny and warm for once. The dog and I enjoyed … More

Koi Pond Revisited

Today’s collaboration with John, which we painted over Facebook Live. Koi fish! I think they turned out colorful and pretty. … More

Lucky Number 7

What’s your favorite number? Mine is 7! So when a 7 magically appeared in the abstract painting John and I … More

Back to the Chrysalis!

This painting is inspired by one of my favorite pictures, which John took of me three years ago when I … More