Things I Never Tire Of

I never tire of painting seascapes. The weather obliged. I was able to drive down to the Island where my … More


Today it rained. I took Holly to meet the dogs of my friends and top collectors. The dogs are small, … More


To clarify: The title of this blog post refers to the paintings I’ve been making recently, and one of the … More

Layers of Paint

Still obsessed with these layers pieces. Made another one today. It was rainy out and I felt kind of restless. … More

After the Party

Today we rested. I took down the paper I had covered the windows with to make the house look dark … More

Horse Feathers!

Today’s work of art consisted of turning my house into a speakeasy for the Sky Club Elite Prohibition Party. A … More

Wine in the Afternoon

Today I met one of my top collectors, who is also a good friend, in Galveston so we could explore … More

A Tiny Magnolia

Still obsessed with magnolias, and frankly not feeling too hot after last night’s champagne. Spent most of the day cleaning … More