Coastal Art Display

Today I drove down to the Island and updated my display of coastal art at Mock & More Gallery. I … More

Sea Turtles

Today I made these cute little sea turtles in the hopes that tomorrow I will be well rested enough to … More

Gold and Blue

Today’s painting is a seascape in tones of gold and blue. I’m still not recovered from the journey, but I’m … More

I’m Back!

I’m back in Houston, for now jet lagged and a bit confused about pretty much everything. But my friends picked … More

Mountain View

In which we take a trip to Sinaia to stay at the Palace Hotel, built in 1911, which we have … More

The Adventure Continues

For those of you who are curious about Magic Lessons for Margo, the follow-up novel to The Adventures of Miss … More

Sunflower Fields

The train journey back wasn’t bad. There were sunflower fields outside the window most of the journey. I sat next … More


Today, during my last full day at the Castle, one of the big fat pigeons the aunts and I have … More

Meanwhile in Houston

Meanwhile in Houston I’m sure Bobby misses me and wants me to come home. And while part of me wishes … More