Was She Pretty?

Here’s a quick little watercolor portrait I did of my old lizard when she was young. She kept very few … More

Mama Cat

I was informed that the tiniest scrawniest of the cats in our yard is the mother of all the others. … More

How to Stay Creative

To nourish your creativity you need to constantly find inspiration in the mundane. You also have to give yourself a … More

1930s Slip

Today was a slow Sunday. My aunt made roast lamb for me because she knew I like it and my … More

Mixing Things Up

Today I continued working on the embroidery project and added some paint. I used the paints I bought last year … More

But Are there Cats?

If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know about the cats. There are always cats living in … More

Sewing on a Train

Today I achieved my most important objective, and that is to see my old lizard while she’s still alive. I … More

Buttons and Beads

In Bucharest for my dad’s birthday. We spent most of the day watching TV and I started a new project … More