Baby Capybara

Today I did a market and the capybara watercolor I painted last week sold to the most delightful young woman. … More

Mother of Everything

I’m afraid I’m allergic to the jasmine I love, just like Betty’s vile husband in Storms of Malhado. But perhaps … More

Thinking of Betty

Perhaps it’s the hint of jasmine that is now permeating the air that’s gotten me to think of Betty. Or … More

Tiny Dinosaurs

Baby birds are just tiny dinosaurs waiting to grow into their dinosaur selves. It’s a full moon and I took … More

Why Is She Sad?

We didn’t know why this giraffe was sad. Maybe the other giraffes had been mean to it. We also were … More

Autism Speaks Gala

Tonight I got to paint live at the Autism Speaks Chefs Gala at the Westin Medical Center. Then my painting … More

Carousel Dreams

In which there might be an exciting carousel horse commission in my near future. Stay tuned. Also I stole back … More