Crawfish Complete!

Today I finished the painting of crawfish I started yesterday and I’m ecstatic that my collector loves it. It might not be the most modest thing to say, but I love it too!

I’m still taking commissions for food-themed paintings, by the way, and 25% of the proceeds will go to Star of Hope this month, so think of this as a nice way to share the feasts we are lucky enough to enjoy with those less fortunate in our community.

Here’s what else is cooking…

I took a trip to Galveston to get together with my friend and brainstorm a little bit about the upcoming release of Lola Is Never Drinking Again. We visited some historic establishments mentioned in the book, but we ultimately think the magic of this story is best celebrated with an epic beach party. I will share details soon on how one could get involved in this extravaganza. My plan is to first have a series of events tailored specifically for those readers who want to support this new book in a big way – by spreading the love for this story and getting copies for their friends. Book club ladies, this one is definitely designed with y’all in mind!

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