Painted Masks

The baby for my Mardi Gras Surprise Boxes arrived today. So did a whole bunch of Mardi Gras masks, and I wasted no time in painting on them and making them look festive. I am so excited about how these boxes are coming along! Also, there have been more sales of Dogs with Bagels, andContinue reading “Painted Masks”

In Which an Old House Gives Us Oranges

Today I drove down to Galveston to deliver a dog portrait commission and a bunch of books. Also to hang out with my friend. We had an adventure in mind, which involved a visit to the backyard of a beautiful old house. There we found an ancient orange tree – obviously not as old asContinue reading “In Which an Old House Gives Us Oranges”

A Newfound Empathy for Rats

It’s been a week since the rat poison incident, and I’m grateful that my adventurous little dog is fine. I do, after all the research I’ve conducted on the possible effects of the poison, have a newfound empathy for rats. Though, frankly, I’ve always liked these sparkly eyed creatures and never understood why humans areContinue reading “A Newfound Empathy for Rats”