Meanwhile in Houston

Meanwhile in Houston I’m sure Bobby misses me and wants me to come home. And while part of me wishes … More

Juvenile Heron

Last night John sent me a video of a juvenile yellow crowned night heron perching on his balcony railing, then … More

The Girl Who Loved Rats

Today I overheard my old lizard talking to the imaginary children in her room and telling them about what I … More


Today, instead of a painting I made a collage. It’s still sweltering hot out, but mornings are pleasant. I usually … More

Summer Is for Reading

Another hot day. Yet, taking advantage of the summer kitchen, my aunt cooked up a storm – a stew I … More

Ghostly Girl

Today I sent my jazz age mystery manuscript off to the historical expert. It still needs a lot of work, … More

Imaginary People

Sometimes the lizard and I like to lie on our backs on her bed and look at the ceiling. I … More