A Sensation of Space

Today my friend and I headed to the Island to look at houses. It was fun and it wasn’t. There was certainly lots of laughter, but I also felt pressure. Pressure to find “the one,” and you know that’s never sexy!

Did we find this elusive home? I’m not sure. There are two that have potential. Two lovable ones, two cottages that despite being tiny, offer up, in yards where the Island sky is ever expansive, the sensation of space. Whether I wish to commit to either of these prospects I’m not sure.

What I am sure of is that both my friend and I are exhausted. Also, that if you’re gonna go look at real estate on a subtropical island it’s good to bring a friend along who alternates between saying things like: “you need to look at the comps to see if it’s priced right” and “I like that one because it’s a pretty color.”

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