Les Accessories

So here’s a day when so much has happened! Most importantly, I had my first meeting with my mentor, artist … More


Today was cold and in the morning it rained. The fog of a dream I didn’t quite want to wake … More

Fish Bone

Fish bone Beautiful and bare Lying abandoned on the sidewalk Carrying salty pleasures And stories of the sea. I’ve wanted … More

Best Day Ever

I had such a fun day today in my Escapist studio working on my very first assignment! The painting is … More

Be the Dragon

I drew this Chinese dragon in homage to my dog because she so fierce (and she kinda looks like one … More


“When do you know a love story’s over?” I asked. “You just know,” he said. “It’s like a painting. You … More

The Chrysalis

Best moment of my day: Having John Palmer take my picture as I was prepping a panel in my new … More


There is a tradition my witch friend taught me which involves holding on to the Christmas tree, a green beacon … More

A Magical Year Ahead

The full moon is upon us. I made this calendar to mark the beginning of a very exciting time in … More