“When do you know a love story’s over?” I asked.

“You just know,” he said. “It’s like a painting. You know when it’s done.” I liked the metaphor.

I’d spent a very satisfying day in my new art studio with much hope that the painting I’m currently working on will eventually feel “resolved.” I decided it needed a scrappy coyote sitting in a corner. The image just came to me and I connected it with the coyote I saw in the summer, on East Beach in Galveston, the one that appeared as an omen of truths I knew but was unwilling to accept. Coyotes have very strong symbolism. They are shape shifters. They signal transformation. I figured a coyote would go well with the hellebores blooming out of a green heart.

Also, I got pink paint on the floor of my Escapist studio. It’s something I wanted to do very much.

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