Grackles and Hellebores

Today cat lady and I went to see the hellebores at Buchanan’s nursery in the Heights. They were beautiful! But … More

The Capricorn in the Attic

Today brought many challenges, some more fun than others: John Palmer, my mentor, challenged me to paint twelve small paintings … More

Let It Flow

Tonight was the first event at John Ross Palmer Studio and Gallery that we Escapists attended, also our first occasion … More

She Said Yes

This Valentine’s Day, on a warm but foggy morning, I decided to offer a sizable chunk of my heart to … More

Betty’s Story

I haven’t forgotten about the story I’m writing, the Galveston ghost story, with its 1961 bit. Today I got to … More


It’s true that a happy life is best lived in the present, but sometimes it’s nice to include and celebrate … More


And finally, I’m ready to share with the world at large my very first Escapist painting! Should you love it … More

Old Houses

All day my mind has been on the beautiful old Galveston house I fell in love with yesterday. I had … More