Betty’s Kitchen

A friend bought a 1950s stove for her 1950s home and it made me think of Betty. I made some … More

Ducks and Stuff

On my way back from Beaumont I stopped at Buffalo Bayou Park to walk the dog that has been much … More

A Trip to Port Arthur

Today I drove to Port Arthur to have lunch with an old friend. Let it be known and well understood … More

Sand Flowers

I’ve no idea what they’re called, the yellow flowers growing out of the sand dunes on Texas beaches this time … More

Going Big

Something magical happened last week which I might or might not have mentioned on this blog. I got to my … More

An End to Chaos

Something magical happened today: On the last day of the Mercury Retrograde that’s been definitely plunging my life into chaos, … More

Spirit Bird

Highlight of the day: Receiving a beautiful picture of my spirit bird sitting in a tree. Useful but not as … More

Magnolias and Danger

It’s a season full of beauty and fragrance. The jasmine is still going strong, and now the magnolias are in … More