An End to Chaos

Something magical happened today: On the last day of the Mercury Retrograde that’s been definitely plunging my life into chaos, my friend Melissa came to help me organize my Escapist studio. We hung and rearranged all the paintings, created space, decluttered, but also created an order to things. We gave different themes to different walls. We decided, among other things, to group all the Betty paintings together on one wall. And as we did this, we, of course, talked about Betty. Which was surreal in the best way possible, because the original inspiration for my ghost novel came from a conversation I had with Melissa and her daughter after the hurricane. They became the main characters in the story, the daughter turning into Betty, and Melissa into Mrs Guidry. I decided it was only fitting that in tonight’s writing installment Mrs. Guidry would help Betty organize the room where she draws.

So yes, as Mercury Retrograde faded away, not without further miscommunication, and not without me banging my head against the cupboard while cleaning the kitchen, things came full circle in the best possible way. I can’t wait to paint in my freshly organized studio tomorrow!

Also, I started working on three more Bettys. Because my Betty wall needs three more little ones for symmetry.

And I forgot to mention yesterday’s strange dream: I dreamt that I had a teeny tiny ginger kitten. My kitten curled up in a glass of water and turned back into a cat embryo. Which all can only mean one thing: I’m being reborn! As a kitten.

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