Going Big

Something magical happened last week which I might or might not have mentioned on this blog. I got to my Escapist studio to find AVM Hawkins working on a huge piece of raw un stretched canvas on the floor. She said that John had challenged her to go big. I stood there and watched, mesmerized. Taking up her whole studio, the canvas lay at our feet like a magic carpet. Its brushstrokes and its colors had a special energy. It turned out beautiful, and I was dying to do that too!

And so I bought three yards of canvas. I stapled them to the floor, my own magic carpet! When AVM came and saw what I was up to, she was excited for me. It was like we were both in on a secret.

I painted a scene inspired by a picture a friend posted the other day. Bucharest circa 1942. It was fun, and I think I’m hooked! I want the large canvas thing to be a frequent occurrence.

Later, during our Monday night Escapist painting party, I added color to the three new Betties sitting on the moon. I cut them out, then went and removed the staples from my big canvas. I rolled it up and stashed it in my cubby. It made me sad that I won’t see it again until Friday, but I’m still happy I got to do such a thing.

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