In Which I Try to Relax

Let’s not get worried but I’m not quite there yet. The relaxation I was hoping to get from this beach … More

Island Cat

Here we are, on the Island. We already took a walk on the beach and through the historic district, saw … More

Headed for the Beach

“You’ve both worked very hard,” my friend Dana in Amsterdam said. “You in making all that art, and Holly in … More

White Walls

My task today was to take down The Platform, fill in all the holes in the gallery walls, and paint … More

La Magie Continue

Instagram inspiration: @monicamoisin and her beautiful Romanian blouse. Also, here is a picture of some of my favorite trees, as … More

Bring Back the Magic

I painted this coastal bird next to a cow (inspired by a photograph by Alia Benavides) in my Escapist studio … More

Only Salt Shakers

The book signing for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe was today. And in honor of this event I must confess … More

We All Need Magic

Here’s another painting inspired by an awesome Instagram post (check out @sanzieneinurban)! I loved this picture of a beautiful woman … More

Girl with Balloons

Today I painted this girl with balloons I saw on Instagram (@whereintheworldismiha). I wrote another 1,000 words on my ghost … More