Headed for the Beach

“You’ve both worked very hard,” my friend Dana in Amsterdam said. “You in making all that art, and Holly in putting up with it. You deserve a few days at the beach.”

And so we’re Galveston bound tomorrow and very very excited. Meanwhile today was magical too: My friend and I went to see Buddhist monks make a Mandala out of colorful sand, and had a snack at Pondi while we were at it. What we didn’t know was that the monks were done making the Mandala, and, intricate and sublime as this creation was, the ritual consisted in destroying it, reminding us all of the impermanence of things. It’s what we witnessed today, the wiping away of the Mandala. It looked a bit like scraping paint off a still wet painting one wants to redo. I loved the message. And so, life starts anew.


  1. Have a restorative time in GTown, whatever that entails for you and Holly. You have, indeed, earned it! Is Mosquito Cafe still there? It was a fave spot for me, as was The Spot (black bean burgers – hmmmm). Have fun!!!

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