Bring Back the Magic

I painted this coastal bird next to a cow (inspired by a photograph by Alia Benavides) in my Escapist studio during an event this evening. It’s been a rough few days. Mostly, I’m just tired, but I am also contemplating many things and having a lot of anxiety. I’m trying to choose what’s best for my future as an artist and otherwise. It’s a time for decisiveness but also for self-reflection. It’s a time to take a step back and think of the things I hope to accomplish, think of what matters most.

Tonight I had a wonderful conversation with the collector who bought my Urban Pigeons from my solo show. She’s a very spiritual person and the things she said to me were magical. It’s nice to have a connection with a person like that. Perhaps that’s what’s important, creating something magical and passing it on to someone truly special. Throughout all this, whatever choices I’ll end up making, I need to remember to focus on the magic, and to bring back whatever sparks of it I might have lost along the way.

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