The Raven

Today’s painting is a raven, inspired by yet another brilliant picture my friend @stephanirae_ published on Instagram. Perhaps some people think ravens are bad omens, but their symbolism is much more complex and positive. Ravens symbolize wisdom. They are seen in some cultures as oracles. They also can symbolize communication with our own shadow self, the dark side – often neglected and even repressed – that each person has. Paradoxically, true healing can only come by accepting and embracing this aspect of ourselves as part of our whole being. A well versed witch will tell you about the importance of shadow work – by which I mean the work of getting to know, accept, and love our own shadow self, that part of ourselves that might not be easy to like, the one we often try to hide from others and even from ourselves. In helping us communicate with our shadows, the raven brings truth and balance. It helps us achieve wholeness and peace. It is, thus, quite the magical bird. I think I’m going to paint a lot more ravens.

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