So I woke up in Fredericksburg not feeling quite well. Last night’s pizza didn’t agree with me. But I guess … More

Goodbye, West Texas!

This morning I awoke at the Holland Hotel with trains whistling right in front of my window, the desert sunshine … More


The day started early with roosters crowing in the desert, strong coffee, and a glorious sunrise. There were traces of … More

Desert Introspection

You know what they say about how it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Well, the journey was beautiful. 360 … More

First Stop: Austin

We set out this morning. My painting is wearing a seatbelt, and I particularly love how this one little horned … More

Island Drop-Off

Still cold today but it ended up being a really nice day. Lots of things worked out, including, I sold … More

The Countdown

The countdown has begun: after today I only have three more trips to Beaumont left! Much as I love audiobooks, … More

Wolves and Such

I’ve been practicing my wolves in anticipation of my West Texas trip and the release of my new novel, Lone … More


I’m not gonna lie: I had the blues today. My friends left this morning, the weather was cold, and I … More