So I woke up in Fredericksburg not feeling quite well. Last night’s pizza didn’t agree with me. But I guess it’s par for the course. A trip isn’t really an adventure if you don’t get lost, don’t get in trouble, and don’t eat at least one thing you don’t like. For me, it was the pizza in Fredericksburg. For Andreea, the protagonist of Lone Wolf, it’s bland veggie pasta in a restaurant that serves mostly steaks.

In the end, though I never got to feeling quite 100%, the day took a turn for the better. I finally got to visit Luckenbach, the remote little place featured in one of my favorite country songs, then it was on to Austin where we checked into the South Congress Hotel. The South Congress Hotel is seriously cool. I love it here! Our rooms are very very beautiful, and we are walking distance from Güero’s Taco Bar where we had amazing enchiladas. Hopefully after a good night’s sleep I’ll wake up perkier tomorrow.

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