Island Drop-Off

Still cold today but it ended up being a really nice day. Lots of things worked out, including, I sold the last two commissions for my West Texas watercolor series! So excited to have ten producers for my upcoming novel, Lone Wolf!

Also, we took the dog to Galveston. We dropped her off at boarding. I’m very grateful for how nice and loving that place is, also how clean, beautiful, and comfortable.

After the dog was settled in for her hotel stay, we went in search of a Christmas tree. I must admit, I’ve never gotten one this early, but I’m having some of my VIP collectors over right after Thanksgiving, and I thought I’d be proactive. We went to Tom’s Thumb Nursery, one of my favorite places on the Island, and there we were told the trees were there, but had not yet been cut. I guess too early is too early. And so we went and had an early dinner at BLVD Seafood, and then drove back to Houston. Tomorrow the big adventure starts! First stop: Austin. I’ll keep you posted.


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like them! It was pretty chilly, or I would have taken more!

  1. While you were headed off to west Texas, we were having a day of “wintry mix” (sleet, freezing rain, and snow). Total accumulation 3-4″. This morning the snow is crusted and all the trees are totally ice covered, ever branch and twig! Winter has come early!! Ugh!

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