Sweet Rocky

So excited to work on a painting that will make a child happy! Also so very special to paint sweet Rocky, a puppy I recently met and played with – y’all, he’s so tiny! Yet he has a big personality! But he’s just this teeny tiny ball of fluff and when you touch him you realize he’s so much smaller than he looks.

Anyway, this was very satisfying. I can’t wait for the little boy this is for to see the painting! Also, I had a collector who’s been loving my watercolors for a long long time (and who owns the original Hotel Monteleone as well as Bienvenue en Louisiane, two of my most admired watercolors) come by the gallery to see my new space and my new work.

And, someone very very special who reads this blog every day just purchased Pink Arabesque. I am so absolutely thrilled!

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