Grackles Don’t Mind the Rain

Today the sun came out. There were still some scattered showers in the evening, but we were all able to … More

Next Level of Magic

Today I got back to my old love of drawing buildings – complete with pigeons taking shelter on a ledge. … More

The Horses

“Everyone knows those horses lived,” Gina said. “There’s nothing wrong with them saving their horses.” There’s a story, probably apocryphal, … More

Chocolate Bear

I totally fell in love with the cuteness of this chocolate bear in the supermarket today. I ended up painting … More

DYI Dream Interpretation

Last night I had a weird dream. It involved eating conch raw, something I’ve never eaten. I’ve had conch fritters … More

Gifts from Betty

Today I was feeling rather tense. I decided to take a short swim, and it turned out that it was … More


There are no colorful leaves in fall in Texas, and I can’t say I’m sad. I personally prefer summer to … More