Revisiting Old Friends

Today I went back to Hardy and Nance for the first time in months. I’d been wanting to visit for a while, and since Don Tucker, who lived there and rented us our studios has recently passed on, I wanted to pay my respects. It was great and strange being back. It was like no time had passed and yet everything was different. Claire Richards moved her studio into Don’s former living quarters. Her paintings look amazing in there, and she received me warmly and gave me one of Don’s shirts as a keepsake, which made me feel very special and at the same time sad.

In my old studio some of my old magnets were still attached to the metal door. The new artist who shares with Naz said I could take them so I did.

I got home and decided to do a small oil painting, for old times’ sake. I haven’t worked in oil in so long and at some point I felt like it was annoying and cumbersome. Then I remembered why I love it.


  1. E, this is a wonderful piece! I vote for more oils. Was this done with a small pallet knife? It reminds me that Dorian is churning towards the east coast of Florida.

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