What a Day!

The painting is of the festive table at the birthday party I attended this weekend. I felt like painting it today because I was in a very happy mood. It’s overall been quite a day! I got to visit BARC Houston to present them with a donation of $300 which I raised with the help of my wonderful collectors who contributed to the Dog Days of Summer project. I wore a shirt with my dog’s face on it and took a selfie in the bathroom. The official photo, featuring one of the human-less dogs from their shelter will be released soon. I was very nervous about meeting the dog featured in the photo op, because although Biggest Dog in the Universe demands absolute exclusivity, I bond easily with animals and knew I’d be tempted. And tempted I was! They brought out Houdini, a gorgeous two-year-old Husky pup with a glorious coat and a very playful attitude. My dad loves Huskies and jokingly says that’s the kind of dog he’d get if he wanted a dog – he does not actually want a dog and would be quite ill suited for Husky ownership as these are high-energy animals and require lots of exercise and entertainment. Also vigorous brushing. Houdini did nothing to dispel these notions. But he was so adorable I immediately concocted elaborate plans of flying him to Europe for my dad. Of course, I know better. People getting swayed by beauty and ignoring the practicalities of the adoption decision is how Houdini got to the shelter in the first place. Apparently they get a lot of Huskies. Which is sad. But I know Houdini will find a good home and hopefully his next human will be equipped with what it takes to take care of this kind of dog: patience, a back yard, and brushes. Or maybe just enough love.

After the dog shelter excursion, I treated myself to a Vietnamese sandwich and a café sua da (one of my favorite things in the Universe!) and went home to wrap a very special painting that will be shipped to its new home tomorrow. I’m so excited!

I also made a collage for Nancy the English Pointer whose birthday is today – I’m totally loving the energy of this Virgo season, by the way! As to the Biggest Dog in the Universe, I think that although she generally hates dogs, she might be more generously disposed towards the ones who lack humans of their very own, because she didn’t seem too annoyed when I returned from the shelter.

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