Girl with Dog

I made this quick sketch of Holly and me. It’s inspired by a picture my friend took at the party we had yesterday. I quite like it!

Today I got to have some time to myself, which was nice. I wrote, drank two coffees, got to the post office after it had already closed (oops!), went to the gym and worked out for 45 minutes on an entirely different machine, then in the evening met a friend for two gallery openings. It was nice and yet it was not. At the second gallery we went to I liked the art quite a lot, but nobody seemed to be looking at it. They were all there to talk to each other, which was fine, I suppose, but there was some phenomenal stuff on the walls and everyone was staring at their plastic wine glasses instead of taking it all in, and making small talk. Bla bla bla. Anyway, I looked at all the paintings and loved them and then I walked back to my car on a very pretty street where insects were buzzing in the trees, and I drove home and ate cereal for dinner because I had way too much sushi yesterday and today and I’m never eating salt again.


  1. Like the sketch of you and Holly😊
    Had no idea sushi was so high in sodium, good to know. Apparently the sushi rice is heavy on the salt (a tablespoon per 3 cups of raw rice, which is waaaay too much). Thanks for ‘making’ me check this out, e!

    1. Funny how even the “healthy” foods can be unhealthy! I’m feeling so much better today!

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