Cotton Candy

A lot of good things happened today – some of these will be revealed later – so I felt like making a big abstract painting and using lots of pink! I happen to love pink, and this painting looks like cotton candy!

All kinds of good things happened today. Two people who are very special to me came by to get their Christmas boxes. To celebrate, Holly carried her little bed up the stairs – she can apparently do that! There was an intriguing new review for Storms of Malhado, which inspired me to create a fun new Canva collage, and from a small town in the Netherlands, my cousin purchased his ticket to attend the virtual Art Launch Gala on October 24th. This really made me feel very special. As someone who has spent more than 20 years traveling around, I don’t usually have my family at events that are meaningful to me. Nobody could come to my Art Launch graduation two years ago – though luckily I made such good friends through the program I was definitely in great company. I didn’t even attend my Ph.D. graduation because I was already in Texas, plus you have to buy expensive and funny-looking regalia, and frankly, I didn’t care about the Ph.D. the way I care about the Escapist Mentorship Program. I didn’t attend my MA graduation because I was continuing on for my Ph.D. at the same school, so it seemed silly. My college graduation – which my mother guilted me into attending, though she did not come – was frankly rather blah. It was on my 21st birthday and the highlight of my day was not the ceremony, but rather getting to NYC from Philly with all my stuff, getting gussied up, picking up my aunt at work on Madison Avenue, and jumping with her into a cab headed downtown for my first legal margarita – or three. And yes, my uncle attended that graduation and drove me from Philly to NY with all my luggage, but he was extremely bored and unimpressed so that doesn’t count.

All that being said, my cousin watching the Art Launch Gala all the way from the Netherlands makes me feel incredibly happy m. And I hope more of you will consider buying tickets.

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