More Tiles and an Unveiling

Today’s tiles are darker. I think I’m up to 70 now, but I’ve lost count. Tonight I hosted a private … More


Today’s tiles are a little bit darker. It was fun making them! You know what else is fun? This wine … More


Still on a roll. I counted. I now have 59 Barcelona Tiles Painted. So only 41 to go. And I … More


I slept through the storm and so did Holly. Had I not seen the fallen branches outside, I would have … More


Today’s Barcelona tiles are bolder – especially since they’re painted with art supplies I stole from John. Meanwhile there’s a … More

In Which We Steal Champagne

Sometimes I’m tempted to post only pictures and let them speak for themselves. Today I started a new advertising campaign … More


Today I had the most delightful gallery visit. We drank a wine called Blanc Pescador and one of my guests … More

Two Wheels, 12 Paws

Busy busy day. Kept 3 dogs fed, watered, and moderately entertained. My friend came and helped me get the front … More

Happy Makers

Today I chose my favorite happy color for my Barcelona tiles. Yellow always cheers me up and some cheering up … More

Good Timing

Today was the anniversary of the Great Storm of 1900. For me it was mostly a day of small or … More