Where’s Bernie?

I don’t usually care for memes, but the Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration ones are pretty funny. I even had to make my own.

Other than that, it was a rainy day and I felt a bit lethargic and lost. I made a series of six small abstract paintings, kind of like a prayer for spring. I did see a Japanese magnolia this morning that seemed ready to bloom, but I’m not sure that means anything.

I also experienced an unexpected moment of synchronicity: I was thinking of Liliana in Dogs with Bagels this morning, revisiting some feelings from the past – that whole being misunderstood and not quite belonging thing – and later when I checked my Amazon stats I realized someone bought a copy of the book. I like when that happens. Also, all these years later, I still like Liliana. She’s a hot mess, but she’s pretty cool and she learns to stand up for herself.

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