Lucky Number 7

Number 7. John Ross Palmer and Elena Sandovici collaboration. 32×32 inches, acrylic on canvas. Retail Value $6,000

What’s your favorite number? Mine is 7! So when a 7 magically appeared in the abstract painting John and I were creating on Facebook Live, I was very happy.

It was a fun beginning to my 3-month residency in the Chrysalis and we plan on doing more live painting over the next 4 days. You can watch us on Facebook Live at 5:45pm CST on the John Ross Palmer Facebook page.

I also started moving some of my favorite creations in. It especially made me happy to bring in my latest Galveston painting and several copies of Storms of Malhado. Three years ago, when I was in the Escapist Mentorship Program, I was still working on the first draft of this book. Now it’s out in the world, making friends, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Also I drew a chicken because I like chicken. A lot.

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