The World Needs More Roosters

Today I had an adventure. I went to the market in the pursuit of the traditional Romanian mici, a grilled meat specialty similar to köfte, but like very different. Everyone knows the best mici are sold at the market – the same beautiful colorful market where I bought cheese and the rooster pottery. But when I got to the market, there were several places selling mici, and I wasn’t sure I’d find the good one. I decided the good one was not the one that had a large patio where people were drinking beer but nobody was eating. The good one was also definitely not one of the countless ones that displayed a plate of grilled mici on the counter to attract customers. The good one was one I could smell even through my mask, where people were lining up and the mici were produced and sold at a very fast pace. I must have picked the right one, because once I brought my loot home we feasted like queens. One of the aunts didn’t come by today, so we ate her portion too.

It was all very good, and afterwards the day got hot and the beer went to our heads, so we had to lie around like beached whales.

In the evening I decided to celebrate my adventure by painting another rooster like the ones on the pottery I bought. The world needs more roosters.

The lizard had a very good day. Aside of partaking in our feast, she had adventures of her very own. She came and sat outside under the grapevine and we helped her walk around the Castle. Then she fell asleep in her chair and we took her back inside. But still, she got a little bit of sun, which is supposed to be good for lizards.

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