Two Wheels, 12 Paws

Busy busy day. Kept 3 dogs fed, watered, and moderately entertained. My friend came and helped me get the front … More

Happy Makers

Today I chose my favorite happy color for my Barcelona tiles. Yellow always cheers me up and some cheering up … More

Good Timing

Today was the anniversary of the Great Storm of 1900. For me it was mostly a day of small or … More

Storm Anniversary

New paints arrived today and I created this small abstract seascape. It seems appropriate, since tomorrow is the anniversary of … More

New Color

Today I made five Barcelona tiles in a new color I really love, or actually I should say it’s a … More

Let’s Play a Game

I made one more loose and liquid watercolors. I love how it turned out! Overall, I’m in a very playful … More

This Is What I Do

Good day at the gallery, feeling inspired and motivated. Framed a lot of art, stretched a beautiful piece that’s going … More

Blue Tiles

Today I painted some blue tiles for my installation project. I now have 30 out of 100. Maybe I need … More


These figs were in my Imperfect Foods box this week. I love figs! I decided to paint them live for … More