Today’s Barcelona tiles are bolder – especially since they’re painted with art supplies I stole from John. Meanwhile there’s a tropical storm upon us, and I’m left here tending to all the dogs. But enough about that, for now. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and assess the situation and decide how to best take care of everyone – including myself.

Tonight I lit a candle to Mary Star of the Sea, praying for safety for the Island but also for us up here in Houston. I’m listening to the rain and wind, also to the audiobook of Storms of Malhado, which I love. I’ve made a Spanish garbanzo soup and a Moroccan chicken pie. The pantry is full of cans and I’ve got flashlights. And water.

Also, tonight might not be the best time to announce it, with the storm and all, but I’ve committed to going to my first international art fair! I’ll be going to Fira Internacional d’Art de Barcelona in December. And I’ll be taking my Water Lilies with me. Now let’s just hope I finish my 100 Barcelona tiles in time to have a fabulous art installation here at the gallery next month, and that they sell out and pay for my trip. 😉

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