It’s F-ing Cold

Seriously, this is probably all I need to say about today, but frankly, despite the horrible winter weather outside, my … More

A Look at the Galvez

On a cold blustery day on the Island, my friend and I had the honor of visiting the beautiful Grand … More

Red Hibiscus

All these people on TikTok are cooking with hibiscus flowers and today I found hibiscus in my beyond average little … More

A Glowing Review

After a few publishing delays, paperback copies of Galveston 1922 are now finally ready to pre-order. You can get your … More

Getting My House in Order

I did something totally amazing today, something I probably should have done a long time ago. I organized the section … More

Kali Vibes

…and a trip down memory lane This full moon with its power to release gives me strong Kali vibes. Some … More

Words and Feelings

Today was a good day to reassess goals, to plan, and even to take action. One thing I did was … More


And now, let’s change things up! I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time, and after 8.5 years … More


Continuing the exploration of water soluble oils. A great big tube of white arrived today, so I’m set to play … More