A Kiss from a Fish

For my birthday this year I really wanted to swim at my favorite beach in Galveston. I got there good … More

Got Frogs?

Today I mostly rested after yesterday’s install. But I also had to paint a yellow crowned night heron. I love … More

The Art Is Hung!

I’m dying to share more images with y’all, but I do want everyone to come see these works in person … More

Where the Herons Live

Finally figured out where the herons live in the neighborhood. Can you spot one in the picture? Tomorrow Sarah and … More

Find Your Unicorn

It’s a full blood moon eclipse and also almost my birthday. And it’s been an interesting, fun-filled day. Penelope and … More


This morning I transformed an abstract painting that didn’t feel quite right. Then I drove to Galveston to give one … More

I Planted a Tree!

I planted a tree! It’s not the first tree I’ve planted, but it’s the first time I planted one at … More


Today I had the energy to tackle another large abstract layered piece – and I also had scotch tape, so … More