I Planted a Tree!

The watercolor is of a window in Galveston, and it doesn’t go with the title of the post, but…

I planted a tree! It’s not the first tree I’ve planted, but it’s the first time I planted one at moonlight when the moon was almost full. It’s a little sycamore tree that sprouted unexpectedly next to my house. It wasn’t supposed to grow there and was growing alarmingly big because rogue trees are strong and stubborn. Tonight a neighbor lent me a shovel and I planted the tree in front of the house in a place where it can safely grow. When I was done the breeze was playing in its leaves and it felt so good to be outside finally after a scorching day, that I decided to bring my mat out and do my nightly yoga practice right there next to my new tree under the moonlight. Tomorrow I will feed the tree coffee grounds. Trees like that.

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