Find Your Unicorn

I drew this back in 2017. I then uploaded it to Society6 to make beach towels. I got a towel myself. Then later that year I sold my house and most of my stuff. But today I searched for my unicorn towel and found it. Just in time for my birthday beach trip!

It’s a full blood moon eclipse and also almost my birthday. And it’s been an interesting, fun-filled day. Penelope and I hosted some special guests here at the gallery. It’s so nice to have guest artists here again, and these little creations are especially cool.

Check out @culturedcritter on Instagram to find out more about our guests

Later, much later, we went to see the moon. It looked cool, but Holly wouldn’t look up.

Also, there’s something exciting in the works! Some of my favorite readers have asked me to produce The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard as an audiobook and I really want to do it. So watch out for another Kickstarter campaign coming your way, going live on my birthday!

Check out the pre-launch page and please sign up for updates!

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  1. Very beautiful it shows a creative mind at work and have a wonderful birthday.

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