Longhorns and Maamoul Cookies

The Longhorn watercolor is finally finished. Also, I have a new obsession: Maamoul cookies! They’re so delicious, and totally worth … More

Longhorn in Progress

Since Rodeo season is drawing near, I started working on a Longhorn watercolor. I’ve always wanted to paint one. I’m … More

Big Grackle

A few weeks ago I made a small grackle painting that I really love. Today I decided to start working … More

Quite a Day!

It’s been quite a day! My friends and I helped John interview candidates for his mentorship program. It was beyond … More

Little Finch

Here’s another sign of spring. Suddenly there are little finches flying around in the neighborhood. I also see more and … More

Another Heron Painting

Inspired by a picture taken by Susan Watson. Y’all know I cannot resist painting coastal birds. Also, I’m having a … More

Another Hummingbird

Today I painted another little hummingbird. It’s my best effort at manifesting spring. It’s been so cold and miserable but … More