An Homage to Victor Brauner

Today I took myself on a little adventure. I bought my favorite almond croissant at Croissant Brioche in Rice Village, then stopped by the lush place where the Yellow Crowned Night Herons nest. At first I thought the majestic birds were still somewhere on their migration route – maybe Costa Rica? But then I saw them, perched up in the trees. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that they are back!

Still, the ultimate purpose of my adventure was not to check on my feathered friends, but to go see some of the works of Surrealist Victor Brauner at the Menil. I’m determined to learn more about Brauner and I even want to take my most exclusive group of collectors to see his paintings.

I bought a book about him at the Menil gift shop. It’s quite interesting.

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