Longhorns and Maamoul Cookies

The Longhorn watercolor is finally finished. Also, I have a new obsession: Maamoul cookies! They’re so delicious, and totally worth the drive all the way to Richmond where the Middle Eastern bakeries are. I took advantage of the trip and also had a shawarma sandwich that was amazing.

The day was otherwise a bit blah, but good news came in the evening. We’re caught somewhere between Mardi Gras and Rodeo season, the weather was nippy again, and everything seemed very slow in the most vexing way.

Also, I really miss Ronnie. When things are hard or frustrating I miss being able to tell him about it, miss his advice and him making me laugh about it all. When things are good I miss being able to tell him about that too. And when things are neither good or bad, but rather neutral, I miss sitting around, eating, and joking.

One of my Mardi Gras umbrellas got picked up today by one of my favorite collectors who loves Mardi Gras

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