Fish Eye

Remember the time when I used to paint only fish? I don’t think I’ve ever tried so hard to make them slippery as I did today. Glad to add this little guy to my series of animal eyes.

I had a fun day today, which included a little adventure, and a visit by a wonderful reader who ordered the very first printed copy of Lola Is Never Drinking Again. She came by with flowers and we drank some cava and visited for a while.

Later I walked around and enjoyed several heron sightings. I made moussaka, I painted this fish, and I started working on two commissions I got today.

Also, funny, but I found this old ad I made for Storms of Malhado two years ago when I was still learning how to work with Canva. I think my promotional materials have come a long way, but this one is kind of cute, so I had to share it on here. The horses are even in it!

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