Wildflower Preview

Today I painted a small wildflower painting inspired by yesterday’s nature walk. Then I had some members of my little … More

Final Details

Almost done reading through the manuscript on my Kindle and finding all the issues that still need straightening out. Also, … More


I had forgotten how swimming makes one tired, but it really does. I spent a lovely half an hour in … More

Grateful for Pelicans

I might have mentioned this before, but in the ‘80s there were hardly any pelicans left in Galveston. In Lola … More

Summer Is Not Canceled

I started the day still feeling anxious and a bit defeated, but things got progressively better, and by the afternoon … More

Owl in Progress

Working on this one slowly. It relaxes me. Other things that help: gym, laundry, reading.

More Flowers

Today I finished this collage I started a few days ago. I also started working on a new owl painting. … More

And What About Lola?

There have been a few changes of plans recently, travel in the near future, and a bit of shifting around … More


Today was Easter and I painted and sold this little bunny. Someone very special got him. Then I went to … More