In Which I Eat Everything

My friend and I discovered some great tapas bars last night. My favorite, Los Gatos, even has an antique carousel horse inside. His name is Johnny and I was told I could do anything except ride him, which seemed fair enough.

Today it rained but I still had a very nice day. I had churros and warm fresh tortilla de patatas for breakfast, then walked around in the rain to see Julia, Jaume Plensa’s large statue right in the very center of Madrid. I went to a Sorolla exhibit at the Royal Palace, went to take pictures of a cute café I’ve been commissioned to paint, and finally found my way to Cava Baja, a street full of the most delicious bars and restaurants I remember from a stay in Madrid 15 years ago. It is still the place to be if you are a foodie hellbent on devouring this whole city. Also, I might have had a million eggs in various states of gooeyness. The Spanish really love eggs.

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