A Surprise in Barcelona

I’m back in Barcelona after a lovely train ride (how I adore the trains in Spain!) and one of the first things I saw was a surprise: Another Jaume Plensa sculpture, this time right in front of La Pedrera, my favorite Gaudí house.

The weather is lovely, warm, but with a breeze from the sea that makes one want to wander around feeling loose and carefree. The linden trees on Rambla Cataluña are all in bloom. I bought a pair of stunning shoes in Madrid yesterday (who said flats should be boring?) and maybe I should not have worn them or maybe I shouldn’t have taken as long a walk. I might have acquired some blisters. But it was worth it in the end. My flowy dress was perfect for the breeze, and it felt good to wear something pretty and fun.

Also, I’m staying somewhere really fabulous. Like maybe the nicest place I’ve stayed so far. As usual, I’ll reveal the location after I check out.

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