Dreams, Hopes, Expectations

The day started with rain, warm fog, my newly bought Angel perfume enveloping me into a scent that brings back oh-so-many memories, and my friend texting from her hotel nearby. We decided to both enjoy a slow morning, then go have lunch at Ritual, a place I’d been meaning to check out mostly because of the name. It did not disappoint.

The rest of our day consisted of a lot of driving around in the rain peppered with occasional treats and a lot of discussion about men, women, communication, romance, dreams, and expectations. We analyzed, overanalyzed, caught ourselves over-analyzing, backtracked. It all left me thinking about the things we want, the options we’ve discarded so far, the things we’ve walked away from, and the ones we’re hoping to be walking towards. It also left me pleasantly exhausted, the way one can only be on a rainy day that almost feels like spring. It made me want to curl up in bed with my little dog and dream on. Perhaps in dreaming of the things we want we’re slowly manifesting them.

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