Inner Lion

I’m very intrigued and excited by the full moon coming up. It’ll be a blood moon, blue moon, and total eclipse, but most importantly it’ll be a full moon in Leo, and that is a powerful thing. The full moon in Leo tells us to unleash our inner lions, our sources of power untapped, our glimmer of the Divine, our creativity and passion, our capacity for joy. This is a time to stand fully in our power. A time to manifest, to let go of fears and blockages holding us back and go full blast towards our purpose. It is not lost to me that the first meeting of the Escapist Mentorship Program is on Wednesday, the day that brings us this magical full moon. I take that as an excellent omen, a smile and nod from the Universe as I embark on this journey.

Also, speaking of joy and purpose, here’s something I discovered that I simply love: gold watercolor ground. One of the ladies in my drawing class told me about it, and it’s just so luscious! I’m in love.

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