Worm Moon

Tonight it’s finally fully upon us, the full moon known as the Worm Moon. In Native American tradition this moon marks the time when the soil thaws enough for worms to crawl through it, getting it ready for seeding. And don’t be disgusted with worms! They’re very very useful!

And just like the worms prepare the soil, us Escapists got busy today hanging work in the gallery below our studios. Tomorrow, during John Palmer’s unveiling of the Justice Series (and by the way, I got a sneak peek and the paintings are fabulous!), people will come see our space and we want them to enjoy it.

I spent seven hours framing and hanging work! And it was an exciting seven hours! It’s been a whole exciting month. I feel like the soil is ready now for us to plant all kinds of wonderful seeds. Come summer the Chrysalis will bloom in a million different colors with our solo shows.

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