Some Mornings Are Harder Than Others

My morning wasn’t particularly hard, though I woke up still tired from yesterday, and overwhelmed by a brand of nostalgia that’s eluded me lately. Mostly, though I was overwhelmed by all the work I want to do in my Escapist studio, all the materials I wish to buy, all the materials I wish to try, and the somewhat inconvenient truth that my back hurts from lifting something heavy the other day, and sitting in the car for five hours yesterday didn’t help. Oh well, at least there’s no commute for almost two weeks because #springbreak! The back pain is bound to give way to rest and ibuprofen, and I will surely relax enough to enjoy buying polyurethane and other things and playing in my studio.

So no, the painting was not inspired by my own etat d’ame, which only dipped into sadness briefly, and only because I’m tired. The painting was inspired by the Instagram account of @salmaelwardany

There are also a few other things I worked on today. Betty and her headless groom now have some color. So do the huge scary doves. Tomorrow I will explore options for a layered sort of collage. I will do a small trial piece first, with Boston terriers and dog hearts. Hopefully it will help me unlock some of the mysteries of polyurethane.

I also think I’m ready to put gloss on the big Barcelona pieces.

And in the evening I painted an elephant for no other reason than the fact that I felt like going to the studio to work in there, at least for a little bit, in the company of my fellow Escapist AVM, who works at night. She has a wonderful energy, and so do her paintings!

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