It was one of those spring days I didn’t quite know what to do with. Has spring ever made you sad? All that hope, all those little leaves unfurling. It seems like every cold day is such a menace, such a pocket of sadness. What do you do when the sun shines but the wind cuts through you?

I decided to take a nap with my dog. I’m reading a sad book and it’s making me sad. It’s also robbing me of my sleep, keeping me up at night. But of course, I know that’s not the whole truth. I’ve been through enough springs to know that for me it’s a melancholy season.

In the evening my mood improved, though. In the evening I painted with fellow Escapist Paula Hawkins. It was our first time painting together and it was great fun! We talked about all kinds of things. John and the dogs joined us for a while.

Tomorrow I have two fun outings planned, lunch with a friend, dinner with another. Hopefully it will also be a warm day. So that the brand new leaves and I do not feel blue.

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